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We want to make it easy and safe to handle loose-loaded cargo. That is why we exist. Simple.

Or is it? Because, for us to provide a healthy and efficient work environment for our customers, we must work proactively. We build on a long heritage of innovation, continuously striving to improve the logistics supply chain. Not least of all, to give you the best solutions possible we ALWAYS perform at the highest standards. With Caljan you are guaranteed top quality products and services.

We have summed up our fundamental purpose in one statement.

Our mission

Improving industrial safety and productivity through quality and innovation.

We fulfill our mission by delivering on three central principles;
quality, safety and innovation.
Following these guiding principles is what makes it possible
for us to go the extra mile for our customers.

Environment, health & safety

As companies around the world become more and more efficient, there is one thing they must all keep in mind: the wellbeing of their employees.

Everyone deserves to work in a safe and ergonomic environment. That is why all of our solutions are developed with your safety in mind. We make it our top goal to give you and your employees a long and healthy work life.

Solutions for healthy work environment

Quality management

Delivering quality solutions time and again comes from a strong, collective effort across all levels of our organization. We conduct ourselves in a professional and honest way, keeping an open communication with every party involved. We believe that is the best way to get things right the first time, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Following key quality principles, we make sure our products meet the highest standards every time. It is not for nothing our products last for years on end.

High quality guaranteed


We have a rich history of innovation, driving changes within the global logistics market. These changes are fueled by our ability to listen and learn in the dynamic surroundings, in which we work.

To make your work as easy and safe as possible, we never stop aspiring towards new, intelligent solutions. We are innovative, because we are ambitious

Caljan innovation program