EXPRESS Snoot — a Caljan Performer Function

Reaching all 4 corners, the whole trailer can be filled or emptied with little effort

Working intuitively, the operator is able to move EXPRESS Snoot to every corner of the trailer / container with ease.

The film has been speeded up to illustrate the ease of movement. Without stopping to think, the operator brings the belt alongside. This unique Belt-2-Box concept ensures the operator works within his or her Power Zone at all times.

Improve efficiency

When equipment makes the workflow more effective, it becomes easier to handle a higher volume in the same timeframe. With EXPRESS Snoot no time is wasted moving back and forth between the cargo and the conveyor. Parcels and packages can be efficiently unloaded or loaded — or both, if the belt direction is reversible. 

The conveyor is brought into position by hitting the appropriate nudge button. As little effort is required, the operator is able to maintain a steady pace throughout the shift. 

No experience required

Even inexperienced associates are able to operate Caljan Performer with EXPRESS Snoot. An intuitive control panel with pictograms facilitates belt movement, whilst large 'nudge' buttons move the conveyor itself in and out, and up and down. To prevent inadvertent upward movement, this feature can be locked until the operator is comfortable using the equipment.

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A Caljan Performer Function

EXPRESS Snoot is an optional Function that can be fitted to ANY Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor, irrespective of size.

It is also possible to retrofit EXPRESS Snoot to a Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor already installed in your facility.

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