Caljan BulkLoader

Transforming 3D bottlenecks into smooth 2D parcel flows

Large volumes of parcels, packages and bags are transported from a sorter, down a chute onto Caljan BulkLoader. This unique Telescopic Conveyor has been developed specifically to transform 3D bulk cargo into 2D loose goods. A chaotic mass of parcels and packages is rapidly redistributed to a flat, even flow that moves smoothly along the conveyor.

No congestion, damage or safety issues

Caljan BulkLoader deploys a unique separation process to evenly distribute boxes, packets and even bags. Positioned directly after the chute,
up to 2,500 items can be deposited on the belt every hour. Once separated, the loose cargo flows along the Telescopic Conveyor to the mouth of the trailer.

Effective parcel retainers keep high volumes in place as the chute empties out onto the conveyor belt. Integral raised profiles along the length of the Telescopic Conveyor prevent cargo from falling off the belt.

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Cost-effective use of labour

As with all Caljan Telescopic Conveyors, operation is intuitive and easy. The front of the BulkLoader is identical to the Caljan Performer

Its store/feed function allows cargo to accumulate along the length of the extended Telescopic Conveyor, so a single operator can handle high volume loading at multiple doors. 

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