With innovation as the driving force, Caljan has kept a leading position on the global logistics market since 1963. Maintaining such a position for over 50 years, comes from listening intently to our customers. Only by acquiring a thorough understanding of what challenges you face in the logistics industry today, can we provide you with the right tools to solve them.

Innovation is in our DNA

At Caljan, we fuel innovation by keeping in tune with the changing logistics environment, in which we operate. That is the way we have always moved forward; furthering ideas in a joint effort across divisions and country borders.

We were the first to introduce safety features on unloading equipment, protecting both the customer's employees, cargo and investment. We were also first to introduce alternative Telescopic Conveyor models AND the first to develop automated document handling processes.

Today, many of our products and product features are protected by patent, designed to make the job of our customers easier. We include the customer through EVERY stage of the innovation process. Keeping our customers involved in the process allows us to generate the greatest value for the people who use our products every day.

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A unique solution for every customer

Whenever you invest in a labelling solution from Caljan, you get a system tailored to the exact requirements of your business. That means not ONE of our labelling products are the same, but brand new every time.

Our labelling solutions are constantly transformed and reinvented to suit the specifications of your current setup. We specialize in creating the right combination to increase your throughput – from the first call to the finishing touches . Every solution is plug’n’play.

Caljan Individual labelling systems
We supply individual labelling solutions. Our customers come to us with a problem and we find the unique key to solving it. Sometimes their challenge will be something we have touched base with before, sometimes we have to create an entire new system from the ground up. Not one customer is the same, so naturally every end-product will be different.

Wieland Wegge, Vice President
Document Handling & Labelling Division


We take the absolute leading position when it comes to making the work environment safer. All Caljan Telescopic Conveyor equipment has a distinct, ergonomic focus that goes beyond any other products on the market. Products like the Caljan Express Snoot even improve ergonomics, while increasing the throughput of packages at the same time.

With the patented future-proof concept for our Caljan Performer, we continuously deliver state-of-the-art supplements to improve the work environment of your business. Latest addition to the Performer Telescopic Conveyor family is the AutoLoader, the only conveyor extension to automize your loading process. A revolution in loading, it pre-empts the growing eCommerce by effortlessly boosting your throughput.

A revolution in loading