Handle higher throughput cost-effectively

Optimizing your existing infrastructure may prove remarkably effective — and easy to implement

As the number of packages you process increases, so does the need for efficiency in cargo handling. No matter if you are a major retailer, a manufacturer, a distributer, or a courier, you know the value of a flexible, future-proof supply chain.

More efficient unloading / loading

Use a Telescopic Conveyor to load or unload packages that vary in size and type. Using conveyor technology to replace a manual process, typically reduces the manpower involved from 3-4 to one.

Time spent wrapping pallets and operating forklifts is also eliminated.

Purchasing a Telescopic Conveyor is a capital investment. Nonetheless, businesses discover that the return on investment is visible on the bottom line from day one of operations. The throughput of cargo is immediately increased, and the time-improvement is often doubled.

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Balancing efficiency with employee welfare

It's no secret that ineffective unloading and loading of vehicles and containers hurts your bottom line.

If you have high volumes, the process can be stressful in addition to being physically demanding.

Automatic loading is an attractive alternative.

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Pallets or parcels?

When a trailer is loaded with pallets, there is a lot of unused space in the sides and above. The pallets themselves take up space too. That space could potentially be used to load more cargo, effectively increasing trailer capacity.

Fewer vehicles on the road is not only good for the environment, it reduces your overall freight costs.

Even on a small scale, instead of sending pallets to a store each week, it may be more expedient to send boxes at more frequent intervals.

Handle parcels & pallets at the same door.

Apply carrier-specific labels automatically

Regardless of whether you are despatching polybags, packages, or parcels, it's important that the right label is affixed to the right item. That the label is legible, and remains in place, is equally important.

Automating this process eliminates mistakes.

How sophisticated the system needs to be will depend on the throughput you want to achieve. A simple print & apply may be sufficient — or you may want a fully automated SLAM line with an applicator that finds the perfect spot before applying the label.

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If you include delivery notes etc. in your shipments, automating the process would increase throughput too. 

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Automate your depots and increase throughput

Once you get above a certain volume, moving parcels from trucks to vans manually becomes ineffective. A semi-automatic solution would bring the parcels to your employees, so they can route them as appropriate.

The higher the volume, the higher the level of automation you would need.

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