Quality Management

Caljan products have always been characterised by high quality. Every machine, since the very first were delivered to us in 1994 have been testimony to this fact. We would actually prefer to purchase second-hand Caljan machines rather than new machines from another supplier.

Mr. Vocke, Depot Manager,
DPD Raunheim

Creating the foundation for excellence

At Caljan, it has become a principle that every single customer has the best possible experience at every touchpoint, every time. We develop objectives and measure against them. 

New products are tested vigorously throughout the development process to sustain the highest level of quality. That is how we can have the confidence to guarantee your investment will provide you with perfect performance for years on end.

We secure our practice, by following seven guiding principles. Keeping to these structures ensures constructive and efficient cooperation between all the parties within the process.

By working together, at every level of the company, we ensure you always receive state-of-the-art products and outstanding service.

Quality Management System

Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are a solid investment — see for yourself

It is critical that the right papers are sent. The delivery note must match 100% with the customer’s items.
Caljan Print & Merge meets this requirement.

Jan Fennema, Packaging Manager
Wehkamp BV, Netherlands

Products you can rely on

When replacing manually driven processes with automatic solutions, reliability is quintessential. At Caljan we guarantee that the throughput specified on labelling and document handling systems is always the throughput delivered.

Caljan system designers are specialised in Automation technology, securing that the automated flow in your warehouse or fulfillment center is cohesive and streamlined. Rest assured that the project does not leave their hands, before it runs to your complete satisfaction.

Reliable Labelling solutions for guaranteed throughput

Reliable Document Handling Solutions for guaranteed throughput

A sustainable investment

Quality equipment makes it easy for your workforce to keep things rolling. Products from Caljan are easy to use and easy to own, performing reliably for years and years.

Our keen focus on quality is also what keeps your operators safe. We find the best solutions to secure efficient and healthy work processes for our customers.

Caljan conveyors still going strong 

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Are you interested in finding a solution that can stand the changes of tomorrow? We can help you select the right match of products to meet the needs of your business - for years and years to come. 

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