Get help with breakdowns

Support contracts are tailored to suit your exact requirements

In an acute situation you need help right away. Caljan trained engineers provide global coverage with consistent, rapid response to any emergency. We know Caljan equipment to the last detail, which means we are quick to find the fault and make the necessary repair. We can also provide support with other makes too.

Get help now

In an acute situation you need help right away. Every Caljan company and authorized distributor can repair your Caljan equipment. This guarantees you quick response by qualified, Caljan-trained, experienced service engineers.

Click on the link to find your local specialist. If in doubt, reach out to Caljan.

When reaching out, please provide as much information about the installation as possible. This makes it easier for us to react quickly and appropriately.

Scheduled maintenance reduces the need for emergency call-out. Click on the link for details.