Operator Platform — a Caljan Performer Function

Fill or empty a trailer with minimum effort by working in your PowerZone

Cut transport costs to a minimum by filling up trucks and trailers to the brim

A Caljan Performer equipped with an Operator Platform elevates the operator and cancels out the remaining height difference when loading parcels to the top of the trailer. 

No valuable space is wasted. CO2 emissions are reduced. Transportation is made as effective as possible.   

Using Caljan Performer with Operator Platform to unload our cargo has improved the comfort of our operators significantly while also increasing the volume of parcels that we can handle. The Telescopic Conveyor has been easy to handle from the start. My employees enjoy the steady work pace and now compare working to being on a fun ride at Disneyland.

Our parcels can weigh up to 15-20 kgs. Working with the Operator Platform has made the unloading process easier. It reduces the physical strain from heavy lifting and allows us to be more productive.

We have gained in efficiency, speed and comfort. Now, we have plans to expand our operation.

- Dimitri Planche, Logistics Manager at Wonday, France

Working within the PowerZone

With the Operator Platform no time is wasted moving back and forth between the cargo and the conveyor. Parcels and packages can be efficiently unloaded or loaded.

At the same time, the operator works within his or her Power Zone at all times. By being elevated to the proper height and taking a step in each direction, the operator's movements are stabilized. No stretching. No stooping. No awkward postures. 

The operator can maintain a high pace throughout the whole shift.

Two operators can work in unison

When equipment makes the workflow more effective, it becomes easier to handle a higher volume in the same timeframe. With a second operator on the platform, trailers are filled or emptied even faster.

Functional and mechanical safety features ensure that Caljan Operator Platform is perfectly safe for 2 people to use simultaneously.


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A Caljan Performer Function

Fitting the Operator Platform to any Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor makes it possible for all your employees, regardless of their height, to reach the top row of stacked packages with ease.

Unloading parcels, padded envelopes and even cumbersome cargo such as tyres becomes effective and easy.

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