Higher volumes, shorter delivery times

Replace labour-intensive routines with automation

As the volume of shipments you process increases, so does the need for efficiency. To enhance your shipping processes, you must first identify areas that can be improved. Replacing slow or labour-intensive routines with automation often proves particularly cost-effective.

Automation often makes the process more secure too; you get higher throughput, fewer mistakes and reduce the risk of goods getting damaged.

Caljan can help you automate your routing process, so that parcels are automatically assigned to the appropriate route. Individual labels and shipping documents can be handled automatically. The loading process can also be fully automated.

ROI is typically less than two years. We are so confident in our ability to improve your process that we guarantee the agreed throughput.

Load parcels, packages, and polybags into trailers automatically.
Safe, continuous operation enables you to meet tight delivery windows.

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Handle individual goods despatch notes as part of your automatic shipping process

If shipments are placed on a conveyor belt, we can help you incorporate the despatch note into the automated shipping process. Caljan Print & Pouch matches the data to be written on the goods despatch note (order no., description of content & the delivery address) with the box ID. The despatch note is printed and placed automatically on the top of the appropriate box, then sealed in a document pouch.

Automating how you handle the despatch note is extremely cost-effective.

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Increase throughput by automating routing

Get more out of each building and each shift by automating the despatch process at your depots. All variables must be considered, so you get an agile system perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Optimizing last mile logistics starts the minute the parcel leaves the hub.

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