Fill and empty trailers, swap bodies and trucks automatically

If your logistics operation is challenged by high volumes of parcels, packages and polybags — and a lack of manpower — you may want to consider automating the process of filling and emptying trailers.

To maximize profitability picking and sorting have already become automated, which makes loading and unloading a bottle-neck. It doesn't have to be. Automating this part of your process too will not only increase profits, it will reduce the number of vehicles you need on the roads as the fill rate is significantly improved in less time.
Containers, swap bodies, trucks and trailers can all be filled quickly and efficiently using automated loading equipment. Once transported to the DC or hub, the packages can be unloaded automatically too. Typically just one person is required to supervise the process, regardless of direction.
The return on investment is often between 2 - 5 years, depending on parcel volumes.

The logical next step

Filling trucks and trailers with loose-loaded cargo, instead of using pallets or cages, is more cost-effective and more environment-friendly - as the vehicle can be filled completely. No space is required for the pallet and no space is wasted above the cage. However, handling high volumes of loose-loaded cargo is a challenge if technical aids are not used. Since 1967, Caljan has provided logistics professionals with Telescopic Conveyors to ease this process.

After a few years, Caljan began exploring the possibilities of making this specialized area of logistics even easier for the people involved. A multitude of optional Functions were developed for use with Caljan Classic and Caljan Performer. The workplace became safer, more ergonomic — and more efficient.

The next step was to automate. It was a logical development for us.... and it is the logical way forwards for you.

Deploying Caljan AutoLoader and AutoUnloader will enable you to handle higher volumes of loose-loaded cargo, with far less manpower.